Building automation

Building automation

Intelligently Designed Building Automation Solutions

Building automation systems integrates all electrical systems and functions of a building under one user interface. Management becomes easier and, at its best, fully automized. Building automation enables better productivity in workspaces and helps save costs. 


Start Automation provides intelligently designed building automation solutions for the control of lighting and other electrical systems.

KNX Systems

Start Automation offers solid expertise in the design, programming, and implementation of various types of KNX building automation systems.

KNX Design and Programming: Our skilled design team creates customized KNX system plans that fully meet the needs of your building. We program the systems intelligently and efficiently. 
KNX Partner: International certification ensures a quality and standards-compliant approach to the design and implementation of KNX systems. 


DALI Lighting Control Systems

The DALI lighting control system allows versatile wireless control of various lights and other electrical devices from a centralized platform. Start Automation provides comprehensive services related to DALI systems. 


Commissioning and Programming: We seamlessly install and commission DALI lighting control systems. We program the systems to precisely meet all lighting-related needs, making lighting control easy and efficient. 
Helvar Designer Certified: As a certified partner, we are qualified to offer services that meet even the highest standards.


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